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August 31, 2007 at 21.00
Film Presentation "One, Two, Three",
with Leon Askin as Peripetschikoff

One, Two, Three is a 1961 comedy directed by Billy Wilder, written by I.A.L. Diamond.

Comedy about Coca-Cola's man in West Berlin, who may be fired if he can't keep his American boss's daughter from marrying a Communist.

The film is set in Berlin during the Cold War, before the building of the Berlin Wall, and politics is predominant in the setup. Wilder's social satire and sharp humor skewers targets on all sides of the divide - capitalists and communists, Americans, Germans, and Russians, men and women alike exhibit their own weaknesses and quirky foibles. The humour of the film is partly based on the contrast between people from different cultures.


Buehne im Garten
1180 Wien, Tuerkenschanzpark